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bookFor a long time we didn't know that our small family is only one part of a big Preisendanz-Clans. We thought, we Preisendanz that were only the families of the five brothers, who came back after the World War II from Poland and settled crosswise over Germany . As one day - sometime in the 70´s - the telephone rang and a Mrs Preisendanz gave us this call, we had to consider that we had been mistaken. Quickly we had agreed to meet with that Preisendanz family. We experienced that they were Ed, who was stationed with his wife Melanie and daughter Greta in Berlin - and they did some research for his parents - Jeanne and Ed - for other Preisendanz. And it were those 4 that infected us with the genealogy-virus.

However I must also confess, that it was essentially the American part of our family, that advanced the research, who more and more discovered, finally also the parent firm of the Preisendanz in Weil Im Schönbuch and who could also fill the Weiler with so much enthusiasm that they organized a family-meeting in 1988.

family gathering in Weil

During the 90s, I then had lost more or less the interest in "collected dust forebears" , until one day the civilization - in form of an internet-access - came up into my apartment . I surfed a little bored through the Net as I got the idea to write "Preisendanz " down into a search engine, and the result stunned me. Therefore, I tried it once with "genealogy "and got shut the mouth no longer, as I saw the result. I had not at all been conscious of how many people were interested in it!

I Looked through the links and came over to www.familysearch.org , where I immediately put in my last name in their search engine. It lasted a little, until I got the result and as I saw it , I almost fell from the stool! Over 150 entries, in the meantime it participates more tha 400! Well, and like it is with so many viruses, one can be "hardship-free" for years, but then the "desease" can also break out again. So, it happened to me and since then I am in an acute phase of "Genealoritis "again.

I discover little by little more and more "missing documents " with my parents, discover letters from Jeanne and Ed with parts of our family tree, and through the internet I have contact with other genealogist in whose family a Preisendanz once have married. The family tree grows and grows and already has "knocked out" the one or other genealogy-program on the basis of its data-fullness. But of course it still isn´t complete.Therefore I would be grateful for each Preisendanz and each other, in whos family the name appears, if he/she reports and brings a little light into the darkness of the family.

Well, on that place I want to thank Margitta Wolf, geb. Preusentanz and her father Wilhelm, Robert Lamparter, Arno Buffy, Nick Rudnick and Alfred Knödler who let me a lot of data which they have collected.

There are still remaining ancestors, about which we don't know, where they have remained - and I am sure that there are at least once again as many ancestors about which we still know nothing at all.



And let us have have collected their data and histories here!

Now I reached a point where I have to look up the church-records. Unfortunately one doesn´t have enough time to do so, when working full-time. But i had the idea to write down the family history for my father for his 70th birthday. I had only one problem: when this idea popped up my mind, it was already my fathers 69th birthday. But that kind of problem isn´t unusual for me. And so I jumped in my car and drove to Weil im Schoenbuch, the little village where our ancestors came from and started following their footsteps.

I met many friendly people there - Preisendanz and non-Preisendanz - and with their help I got a lot of new information and in the end I finished my fathers book in time.  But a chronicle is more than just a book. It is a familys history and so is alive and will never be finished. So my boyfriend and myself just wrote the next page of it: the next gneration is expected for October 2006.

So if you are related in any way with our familytree, please contact me and let us share our knowledge about our families and let the family-tree grow.

Sabine Preisendanz


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